Oreo Nibbler

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Munchables Nibblers offer parents a toy that can't be thrown on the ground! Laura, the owner of Munchables, created these handy Nibblers after playing the "Mommy, pick this toy up" game one to many times! This handy toy snaps onto any fabric, which eliminates dusty, dirty dropped toys. Nibblers are essential for long car drives and dining in restaurants where it seems toys are always falling out of baby's reach.


  • Easily snaps onto clothing, blankets or seatbelts
  • Eases sore infant gums and helps calm unhappy babies
  • Washes easily with mild soap and water
  • Opaque white beads glow in the dark
The Nibbler is 25cm long (~10") and weighs ~24g.

        See the FAQs or a video tutorial for tips on how to quickly open the clasp. 

        Warning: Never put necklaces on babies or leave your child unattended with any jewelry. Clasps are not designed to be chewed on. 

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