Snazzy Bracelet

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Do you have a teen that chews their fingers or shirts? Munchables chewelry is ideal for extra sensory oral or tactile input. These durable fidget toys are made from BPA-free, baby-safe silicone.  


  • Diverts chewing from fingers and clothing,
  • Acts as an inconspicuous, stylish sensory aide,
  • Easily cleanable with mild soap and water.
  • Intended for lighter chewers

It is adjustable an can be sized at 5.5cm or 6cm in diameter

PLEASE NOTE: Aggressive biters may be able to tear the bracelet. Please regularly inspect beads for signs of wear and discard the product immediately if damage is found. These bracelets are designed for children aged 3+. Under no circumstances should a Munchables bracelet be given to a baby as the elastic will break if stretched to its limits. NEVER put necklaces on babies or leave your child unattended with any jewellery. 

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