Kids' Pendants


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Munchables kids’ chewelry is perfect for children that chew.  Munchables provide a safe alternative to chewing on collars, cuffs, fingers. Made of durable, BPA-free, 100% food-grade silicone, Munchables sensory accessories can reduce anxiety and boost confidence. 
Dog Tags

From $17.99 CAD

Leaf Pendant

$17.99 CAD $19.99 CAD

Chew Blockz

From $16.99 CAD

Foxy Fox Pendant

$14.99 CAD $19.99 CAD

Owl Collection

From $6.99 CAD

Little Bird Pendant

$12.99 CAD $15.99 CAD

Soccer Ball

$16.99 CAD

Donut Pendant

$16.99 CAD


$16.99 CAD

Shark Pendants

$15.99 CAD

Yummy Gummy Pendants

$8.99 CAD $12.99 CAD

Love Pendants

$14.99 CAD

Lion Pendant

$16.99 CAD