Dragon (2 Colours)

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Munchables sensory chew necklaces, bracelets, pencils toppers and bracelets offer a trendy solution for chewed shirts, pencils and fingers. We’ve poured their hearts into creating the highest-quality, most stylish chew jewelry available.  Munchables pendants come on a long cord that can be easily shortened as desired. 


  • Diverts chewing from fingers, clothing and pencils and acts as a discreet, stylish sensory aide strung on a durable cord with a breakaway clasp,

  • Provides a focal point which may help children filter out excess sensory information and assist them with regulating attention and concentration, 

  • Engages interest and may help improve overall sensory processing and related emotions and behaviors,

  • Made with 100% safe silicone - contains no dangerous additives such as BPA or phthalates,

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - Love it or get your money back!

    The Dragon Pendant is strung on an easily adjustable 29" nylon cord. 


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