Retractable Lanyards (Set of 2)

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Munchables Retractable Lanyards are the ideal alternative to a chew necklace. Each clip order includes a 30cm length of black satin cord with which you can tie on your favourite chew. These retractable clip-on lanyards come in a set of two.


  • Provides a retractable cord with 4 optional attachment points - a clip for a waistband or belt, a carabiner, a lobster clasp and a plastic snap fastener
  • Offers an alternative to necklaces and hand-held chews or fidgets, and
  • Prevents dropped, lost or thrown items.

These lightweight clips measure approximately 6.5cm by 3.5cm (or 2 3/4" by 1 3/8").

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Retractable Lanyards (Set of 2) Reviews