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These plastic stylish bracelet fidgets are sure to be a hit. Munchables sensory coils are great for kids that need a discreet fidget toy. Squeeze, fold, roll and twist these discreet beautiful bracelets. These sensory aides are a quiet, discreet outlet for excess energy and are easily hidden in a pocket or under a desk. Stay focused and reduce stress with these quiet sensory aides. 

  • Functions as stylish sensory bracelets that kids can feel confident wearing while out with friends, at school or at home,
  • Engages interest and may help improve overall sensory processing, and related emotions and behaviours.
  • Provides children with a point of focus, that can assist with filtering out extra sensory information,
  • Offers peace of mind. Munchables is a Canadian-based company and our styles are tested extensively to ensure they meet strict standards. They contain no BPA, phthalates or any other harmful chemicals.

 Please note: Munchables Stretchy Fidgets are made of plastic NOT silicone.

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