Fidget Packs

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Stay focused and reduce stress with these quiet fidget toys. Easily squish and twist these pocket-sized fidgets.

Marble mesh fidgets contain 5 different coloured fidgets.

Sensory Chain Fidgets are 4g and measure 5cm (2") across. 

Mesh Marble Fidgets weigh 5g each and measure 9cm (3.5") across. 

Squishy Caterpillars are 30g and measure 24cm long (9.5").

Toolbox Pen Toppers weigh 4g each and are 4.5cm (2") long. 

Long Stretchy Fidgets weigh 3g each and have a circumference of approximately 45cm.

Small stretch Bracelets weigh 4g each and have an inside diameter of 4cm. 

Crazy Ball Squishy Fidget are 40g and measure 10cm (4") long.

Wiggles Fidget Bracelets are 75g and will fit any sized wrist.

Please note that these fidget toys are NOT intended to be chewed on. They are made of plastic, not silicone. These toys will break if excessively stretched and are intended for kids ages 3 years and up. 

Find out how Munchables Sensory Fidgets work in this short video. (

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