Mega Pack A

$99.99 CAD $199.99 CAD


Try a different sensory item everyday! These significantly discounted Mega Packs offers kids a chance to try out a wide range of fidgets. Mega Packs include FREE tracked shipping.

Substitutions are NOT available for combo packs. 

Each pack includes a variety of chewable and non-chewable items that are stored in a plastic bin with lid. Items included are as shown in the picture. These include:


- 6 Pendants

- 2 Necklaces

- 1 Zipper Pull

- 1 X-Large Bracelet (small adult sized)

- 1 Large Chew Toy


Non-Chewable Items:

- 4 Toolbox Pencil Toppers

- 1 Set Long Stretchy Necklaces

- 1 Set Stretchy Braclets

- 1 Wiggles Bracelet

- 1 Crazy Ball Fidget



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