Vibe Travel Kit

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A vibratory oral motor tool that can help build oral tone and improve a variety of speech, feeding, and sensory skills. Use it to provide a varied sensory experience and/or to provide targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity.  Vibration can also be very calming, soothing, and organizing.

  • The Travel Kit includes: 1 Royal Blue Vibe handle and 5 interchangeable tip attachments:
1 Hard Fine Tip Allows you to target very specific spots within the oral cavity
1 Textured Bite-n-Chew Tip XL Tip Designed for practising biting, chewing, and oral motor skills
1 Preefer Tip  Rounded for when a "rolling" action is desired
1 Hard Textured Spoon Tip Features gentle bumps under the spoon bowl for added tactile input
1 Soft Brush Tip Recommended for individuals with a bite reflex and/or sensory issues, as they are softer and have more "give"
  • Made in the USA, medical grade, FDA compliant
  • No lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
  • The Vibe Measures approximately 6.5" in length and less than half of an inch in diameter
  • Recommended for individuals of all ages and abilities under the guidance of a therapist or a trained caregiver
  • For hygienic reasons, this product cannot be returned.

Please note: the unit comes with a special Vibe Battery not available in stores. We recommend buying a spare using the pull down menu above.  A sturdy plastic storage case is also available as an optional add-on.  To turn the unit on, simply twist the Switch Tip *just* until it starts to vibrate (please do not over-tighten).

Why it works?

Most of us are either visual or auditory learners. But when these two senses are not enough, you may need to physically direct the articulators for certain speech and feeding skills.  This Vibe is an ideal tool to help you do so. Therapists (and trained caregivers) can use it to provide targeted tactile cues within the oral cavity to teach tongue elevation, tongue lateralization, lip closure, rotary chewing, and much more. For example, use the Vibe to apply gentle pressure to the alveolar ridge (just behind the upper front teeth). Then remove the Z-Vibe® and instruct the individual to touch the same spot with his/her tongue tip. You can also follow up by prompting the individual to say the tongue tip sounds /t/d/n/l/. 

When just touching the lips, tongue, cheeks, etc. doesn’t provide enough input, simply turn the Z-Vibe® on. Its gentle vibration provides a new level of tactile awareness for additional sensory feedback, to help "wake up" the mouth, and to draw more acute attention to specific movements of the cheek, jaw, lips, and tongue.


     Caution: This is NOT a toy.  It is a therapeutic tool intended to be used by a professional therapist (or by parents trained by their therapist).  It contains small parts (including a battery) that may pose a choking hazard: direct adult supervision is required at all times.


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