25 Oral Motor Activities for your Sensory Child

Looking for sensory oral motor exercises to try? We've listed 25 different activities for you to try below. We're sure that whether you're looking for strength, coordination or endurance activities, there is an option for you! Try incorporating these oral motor activities into your daily routine for the greatest chance of success!

Here are 25 ideas to get you started:

25 Oral Motor Activities for Sensory Children by Munchables
  1. Use a Munchables sensory oral chew toy for your child.
  2. Blow bubbles with your child.
  3. Encourage your child toblow into music instruments, such as horns or harmonicas.
  4. Chewing gum and blowing bubbles with gum.
  5. Have your child try clicking their tongue. Make clucking noises.
  6. Ask your child to make "oooo" and then "eeeee" noises with their mouth. Then combine the two movements.
  7. Try getting your child to drink different consistencies of liquids and food through a straw. Examples: water, smoothies, apple sauce, pudding or milk shakes.
  8. Put yogurt or pudding in the corner of your child's mouth and have them lick it off.
  9. Ask your child to lick their teeth while counting them.
  10. Encourage your child to try licking lollipops and popsicles.
  11. Practice eating different textures of foods such as crunchy, soft and chewy.
  12. Blow bubbles with a straw in a glass of milk or water.
  13. Use a vibrating toothbrush or vibrating therapy toys for their mouths and move it around their entire mouth. (These stimulate the muscles, and promote more musculature awareness)
  14. Ask your child to hold a carrot stick or another small piece of food in their front teeth.
  15. Try using some Oral Motor Tools For Sensory Processing Disorder.
  16. Encourage your child to blow kisses.
  17. Have your child smile, don't smile, then a frown and repeat.
  18. Blow up balloons.
  19. Play a funny face making game with a mirror with your child. (Make silly faces in the mirror while you are brushing your child’s teeth and try to get your child to imitate)
  20. Put feathers or confetti in your child's hands, ask them to blow them.
  21. Encourage your child to hisssss like a snake, buzz like a bee or roar like a lion.
  22. Show your child how to move their tongue from side to side and ask them to show you how they can do it.
  23. Sing with your child. Ask them to sing la-la-la-la.
  24. Ask your child to try touching their nose with their tongue.
  25. Try getting your child to blow at a pinwheel or try blowing dandelions.

Disclaimer: Please consult with an occupational therapist for a targeted plan. They can specifically tailor an age appropriate sensory diet plan and oral motor activities for your child.

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