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Laura May, Owner


"My 5 year old boy is a chewer, chewing on things he shouldn't without really thinking about it. We discovered chew necklaces as a good way to redirect his chewing to something that is acceptable to chew on. Unfortunately a lot of products out there only last a few days against his hard chewing, even ones that are advertised to be very hard. Thank goodness I discovered Munchables! These are super tough and long-lasting! My son has been chewing on these (I bought the dog tags and the Lego brick design for some variety) for some time now and they show NO wear! I am very impressed, and highly recommend this product!"

Amazon Review Left Dec 1, 2016 for Dog Tags Pendant by Koes0030


“It is stylish so nobody notices that it serves another purpose. This style has increased her confidence being in public. Her sister even wants to borrow it as it doesn't appear to be a tool to aid in her anxiety and chewing habits. Thanks for this style. We have only had [it] for a few weeks now but she is so happy!”

Randi, Alberta (June 2016)


"As soon as it came in the mail, it was in AJ's mouth. And there it stayed for the majority of the day. [...] The best part of this company, in my opinion, is the excellent customer service. Laura is so kind and easy going. [...] If you have a teething baby, or a child with SPD, please consider Munchables!! You won't be disappointed!"

Life in the O.D.D. Lane, August 2014




"Who knew a chewable necklace could be so stylish!"

Virtually a Teacher, September 2014


"I am so impressed with all of the Munchables products and I love to sell them to my customers!"

Ecobabies, August 2014 



This is the 3rd time we've purchased from this shop, originally I bought some necklaces for my 9 year old who has sensory chewing needs, he loved them and he doesn't feel uncomfortable wearing them to school or out with friends, in fact he liked them so much we bought more for his dad's house. Those have all held up so well that we knew we had to get some for the baby now that he's teething like crazy, and as you can see in the photo hes loving his new elephant teething ring.

All of the items we've purchased have been highest quality, super easy to clean, exactly what we ordered, quick to arrive (we're one province away), and all nicely sealed in a vacuum sealed bag inside the envelope. I would definitely (and have done so) recommend these pieces to anyone with a teething baby or an older child with sensory needs.

Nikkie N. June 2016


"We LOVE Munchables!!!!!!! [...] I'm officially obsessed with these trendy teething necklaces! Sophia has been a little teething monster for the past 3 months and these necklaces have saved me and more importantly HER!"

Sarah with an H Blog, August 2014 

"Davin was immediately drawn to the beautiful color and wanted to grab and play. [...] Even when the necklace was not being worn, he wanted to play with it!"

Mommy by Nurture Blog, August 2014



Customer Reviews:
"My daughter is constantly chewing/sucking on her I decided to get her a Munchables necklace instead. Worked like a charm! Highly recommend them for anyone who has a chewer at home :)"
C.D, Coquitlam, British Columbia
We absolutely love our necklace!! The shop was amazing.They answered all my questions and delivery was quick!! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!!"
B.K. Bartlett, TN
 "Finally, I can wear jewellery again!"

F.K. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

"My daughter has been horribly whiney today, but when I put on the necklace she grabbed for it right away, put it in her mouth and grinned at me! I may have to but some more colours ;)"

S.E. Burnaby, British Columbia

"My daughter is so crazy about her necklaces.  It's pretty and fashionable,  and good that it's safe for her to bite too.  And I love my pendant.. my son plays with it when he nurses and he bites it now that he's teething."

D.K., Port Coquitlam, British Columbia


"I really like my new necklace cause it's pink like really pink and you can chew on it and so can my baby Sophie and its not going to get wrecked or nothing."

R.H. 4 years old, Coquitlam, British Columbia


 "A brilliant baby product!  I look great wearing the jewellery and my baby has something safe to play with and chew on."

S.C. Burnaby, British Columbia


 "Such cute product and came so quickly and was so easy to order that was flawless."

J.G. Grande Prairie, Alberta

 "As a friend of the owner, I know how she values infant product safety. My Munchables necklace was an easy purchase. I've received several compliments on my 'striking' red Love Bug necklace already!"

L.M. Port Moody, British Columbia

 "I am so in love with my new Silicone Teething Necklace!!! I wore my new one out yesterday and I wasn't even with my little girl!"

H.H. Coquitlam, British Columbia 

 "My baby loves chewing on this necklace, and I love the style. The necklace also has an added bonus of keeping his hands busy while nursing, no more hair pulling!"

M.B. Coquitlam, British Columbia


 "I love having easily accessible and safe teething solutions that go with us everywhere."

M.C. Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

 "My 8 month old can't get enough of his Munchables necklace. I am so grateful that his little hands finally have something to play while I nurse him."

N.H. Port Moody, British Columbia

  "Great product! Now I can be fashionable and stop my son from pulling my hair. Functional and practical!"

C.T. New Westminster, British Columbia


"My daughter loves her necklace!"

E.R, Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

"My boy loves to play with all of my Munchables necklaces while I nurse - which is one of the reasons I founded the company!"

L.M, Owner, Coquitlam, British Columbia


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