What are the Benefits of Chewable Jewelry?

The Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists recommends Munchables sensory chewelry for their ability to “replace inappropriate chewing behavior (i.e. chewing on fingernails, pencils or clothing) and to provide potential regulating effects for the sensory system - reducing fidgeting and promoting attention and focus.”

The CAOT reviewing committee was "unanimous in recommending that Munchables pendants be accepted for the CAOT Product Recognition Program. Munchables pendants could be recommended by an occupational therapist for clients who tend to chew on items when seeking increased oral sensory input."

What is Chewelry?

Chewlery is a blending of two words - Chewable + Jewelry = Chewelry
Chewelry is any chewable necklace, bracelet or other chewing product that is used to provide oral sensory input for those who need to chew. 
Chewy sensory toys are often used by adults and children who have Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and others who seek additional oral motor input.
  • Decreases stress and anxiety,
  • Encourages healthy chewing behaviors,
  • Strengthens facial muscles,
  • Increases focus and attention,
  • Regulates the sensory system,
  • Strengthens oral motor skills,
  • Provides oral sensory input,
  • Reduces nail biting, and
  • Provides self-soothing and stimming 
Munchables Chewelry

Does Chewing Reduce Anxiety? The Science

"There is a great deal of research that supports clinical observations that having something in one’s mouth to chew or suck on can provide a calming, organizing, and focusing response (Scheerer, 1992, The American Journal of Occupational Therapy). 
Kazım Cihan Can performed a study in 2022 that found chewing provided a group of 65 adults with ADHD "improved sustained attention performance". (Can, 2022, Journal of Cognitive Psychology)

A study in 2019 found that chewing "significantly improves levels of sustained attention in cognitively demanding tasks." (Miquel, 2019, Physiology & Behaviour Journal)

There is also evidence regarding the positive effect of chewing on cognitive functions (i.e. sustained attention). "Chewing is crushing food not only to aid swallowing and digestion, but also to help stress relief and regulate cognitive function, especially in attention." (Hirano, BioMed Resarch International, 2015)."

There is also research that supports the use of oral-motor sensory input in balance, suggesting that chewing behaviors allow neurotypical adults to increase postural stability when standing on an unstable surface with no visual input (Alghadir, Zafar, Somatosensory & Motor Research Journal, 2015).

For more, please check out our March 2021 series, "Why Kids Chew", on our Blog.

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  3. Helps to stop destructive chewing & increase cognitive function,
  4. Recommended by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, and
  5. Founded by a Canadian mom with two sensory seeking children.

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Kids Wearing Munchables Chew Necklaces