40 Sensory Calming Activities

40 Sensory Calming Activities for Kids and Adults

Sensory Calming Activities provide sensory input and they help your child self regulate and able to concentrate more easily. These sensory calming activities will also reduce your child's stress and anxiety. 

All children, whether or not they are sensory seekers or sensory avoiders, should have sensory breaks throughout the day to fill their sensory diet. Sensory calming activities will also help settle your child when they are feeling restless, angry and frustrated.

1. Chew on Munchables Chewelry

2. Use Munchables Fidgets

3. Listen to music

4. Do Yoga

5. Sing ABC's

6. Play with kaleidoscopes

7. Go for a walk

8. Ask for a hug

9. Chew gum

10. Hum or sing a song

11. Do breathing exercises

12. Deep pressure massage

13. Write in a journal

14. Color a picture

15. Cuddle a pet

16. String fine motor beads

17. Play with pudding

18. Do heavy work activities

19. Play in a ball tent

20. Have a bubble bath

21. Play an instrument and make music

22. Use a sensory calm down bottle or Munchables Liquid Motion Timer

23. Play in a sensory bin

24. Use bath time crayons and paints

25. Play with jello

26. Make and play with slime

27. Play with water beads

28. Squish between couch cushions

29. Use a mini massager

30. Blow Bubbles

31. Play in a sand box

32. Go swimming

33. Swing in a sensory swing

34. Play with water toys in a water table

35. Paint with finger paints

36. Roll up in a blanket burrito

37. Use glow sticks in the bath

38. Blow on a pinwheel

39. Rock in a rocking chair

40. Meditate or Mindful Activities

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