Adult Chewelry Ideas Needed!

Over the past few years, I've realized that I've let down many sensory seekers. Since I started Munchables, I've focused on the oral stimulation needs of children. I've made a mistake. There are a significant number of chewers that are adults who have no desire to wear a unicorn or a dinosaur chew necklace.
Adult Chewelry
I've recently rolled out many designs intended for older chewers. Those designs include the Tree of Life, Leaf, Surfboard, Rectangle, Triangle, Infinity, Crystal, Hamsa Hand, Lotus and Super Chew Pendants. (All are either patent pending or patented.)
I would value your feedback on these designs. I'd also LOVE to know what you'd like to see. I've run out of ideas! Your input would be very valuable.
I have two chewelry pieces in the works right now intended for the younger demographic, but nothing at present for adults.  This is a plea for suggestions!
Laura May, Owner
Munchables Sensory Solutions Ltd.

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