Adults Need Chewelry Too

Adults can greatly benefit from chewelry to deliver sensory stimulation. Countless women paint their fingernails to prevent themselves from chewing them. The need to chew is real across all ages. Chewing provides a calming effect for the sensory system and can aid to reduce stress and anxiety. From kids dealing with schoolwork to adults coping with work issues, chewing facilitates concentration and relieves stress. See our Benefits page for a more in-depth look at the science of chewing.

Chewing & Alzheimer's Disease

As we age, the need to chew can increase - not decrease. One of the symptoms of dementia is the increased need for proprioceptive input. To cite a 2015 paper by Huayue Chen et al. from the International Journal of Medical Sciences, not only can "mastication help to maintain cognitive functions, [...] [It is an] effective behavior for maintaining the hippocampus-dependent cognitive performance, which deteriorates with aging. Therefore, chewing may represent a useful approach in preserving and promoting the hippocampus-dependent cognitive function in older people."


Adult Chewelry Styles by Munchables


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