CPSC Product Tracking Information

Munchables has been randomly inspected 4 times in the summer of 2017 by the CPSC and FDA and is cleared to proceed.

Product Production Date Latest Certification Date
Arrowhead  May-18 30-Nov-18
Beaded Bracelet (incl adjustable) Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Bear Paw Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Bella Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Beloved Heart May-18 30-Nov-18
Bird  Nov-17 30-Nov-18
Biscuit  Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Butterfly Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Caterpillars, Crazy Ball &Wiggles Jan-18 1-Apr-17
Chew Blockz Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Dino Skull Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Dino Tooth Nov-17 30-Nov-18
Dino  Sep-18 30-Nov-18
Dino - Grey May-18 30-Nov-18
Dog Tags Nov-18 7-Mar-19
Donut Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Dragon Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Fidget Toys - Stretchy Coils & Mesh Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Fidget Toys - Toolbox Jan-19 18-Aug-18
Fish Hooks Oct-17 30-Nov-18
Foxy Fox Pendants Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Leaf Pendant May-18 30-Nov-18
Lion Pendant Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Midnight Blues Necklace/Camo/Chibbs Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Owl  Nov-18 7-Mar-19
Owlet Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Pearl with Roses Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Pencil Toppers Apr-18 30-Nov-18
Pencil Topper Chewy Tubes Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Penguin Pendant Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Rainbow Necklace Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Robot Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Sharks Oct-17 30-Nov-18
Soccer Pendant Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Spider Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Starlight/Roses/Hearts/Sweetheart  Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Teen Cuff/ Teen Weave Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Unicorn Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Yummy Gummy/Tear Drop/Scribbles Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Zipper Pull Jan-19 30-Nov-18
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