New Lanyard Options Available

Introducing Two New Lanyard Options!

The first new style is a thick, smooth satin ribbon Lanyard with a durable breakaway clasp, while the second is a belt-clip style Retractable Lanyard. Either of these options can be used with Munchables chews or fidgets to prevent dropped, lost or thrown items.

Munchables New Lanyards
The Munchables Retractable Lanyards feature a retractable cord with 4 optional attachment points - a clip for a waistband or belt, a carabiner, a lobster clasp and a plastic snap fastener.
The Munchables Satin Lanyards features a loop that can be fastened

to any Munchables pendant. Best of all, the attachment point is removable! You can easily clean the satin lanyard by unclipping the chew. 

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