Chewing Levels

We recommend choosing a medium chew to start. If the chewer damages items, like chewing pencils up or chewing holes in shirts, please try a firmer/more rigid chew rated X-Strong or XX-Strong Chew. Our strongest (and firmest) chewelry is the Dragon (XX-Strong). This is followed by the Donut, Tear Drop (X-Strong), Pearl Aqua or Pearl Black Yummy Gummy, Scribbles, or Tire pendants.

All Munchables Chewelry comes with a 90 Day Chew Guarantee. Please note that no chew is indestructible. Please regularly inspect for wear.

Our chewable products come with one of the following chewing levels:

  • Mild — Light chewers only. This style is thinner than most Munchables and more subject to tearing.
  • Medium — Medium chews are appropriate for most chewers. This chewelry is firm, but still has some "squish" factor. Beaded styles are the chewiest option due to their center hole.
  • Strong — This style is appropriate for heavier chewers. These styles are often bulkier and/or firmer than medium chews.
  • X-Strong — This chew is ideal for those chewers who have chewed through other toughness level chews. It is more rigid than other styles and may not be as comfortable
  • XX-Strong — This is our most durable and long-lasting chew rating. It is rigid and may not be as comfortable as other styles.