Chewing Levels

We recommend starting with a medium chew to start. Our chewable products are classified into the following chewing levels:

  • Mild — Light chewers only. This style is thinner than most Munchables and more subject to tearing.
  • Medium — Medium chews are appropriate for most chewers. This chewelry is firm, but still has some "squish" factor. Beaded styles are the chewiest option due to their center hole.
  • Strong — This style is appropriate for heavier chewers. These styles are often bulkier and/or firmer than medium chews.
  • X-Strong — This chew is ideal for those chewers who have chewed through other toughness level chews. It is more rigid than other styles and may not be as comfortable
  • XX-Strong — This is our most durable and long-lasting chew rating.

If the chewer damages items, like pencils, please try a firmer/more rigid chew rated X-Strong or XX-Strong. Some designs that work well for heavier chewers include the Donut with sprinkles, DragonScribbles, Donut, and Yummy Gummy pendants. My top choice is the Donut with Sprinkles.

All Munchables Chewelry comes with a 90 Day Chew Guarantee. Please note that no chew is indestructible. Please regularly inspect for wear.