What is Oral Hypersensitivity Gustatory Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder comes in many shapes and forms. Gustatory Sensory Processing Disorder refers to a heightened or decreased sensitivity to eating or sense of taste. 

10 signs of oral hypersensitivity to look for.

Your child may:

  • Be sensitive to hot and cold foods,
  • Often gag on food textures,
  • Dislike the taste of toothpaste,
  • Prefers bland plain food,
  • Be anxious to go to the dentist,
  • Avoid certain food textures,
  • Dislike brushing their teeth,
  • Refuse new foods,
  • Have difficulty chewing, and
  • Prefer pureed foods.

Next week, I'll discuss Hyposensitivity Gustatory Sensory Processing Disorder. There are two types of Gustatory Sensory Processing Disorder: Hypersensitivity and Hypersensitivity to oral stimuli.

10 Signs your child may have Sensory Processing Disorder Oral Hypersensitive (Gustatory)