What is Oral Hypersensitivity Gustatory Sensory Processing Disorder?

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) comes in many shapes and forms. There are two types of this disorder: Hyposensitivity and Hypersensitivity to oral stimuli. Last week I discussed 10 signs of Hyposensitivity Gustatory SPD and this week we'll look at Hypersensitivity Gustatory SPD.

Gustatory SPD in general refers to a heightened or decreased sensitivity to eating or sense of taste. Oral hypersensitivity means an individual is more responsive to sensory information.

10 signs of oral hypersensitivity to look for.

Your child may:

  • Be sensitive to hot and cold foods,
  • Often gag on food textures,
  • Dislike the taste of toothpaste,
  • Prefers bland plain food,
  • Be anxious to go to the dentist,
  • Avoid certain food textures,
  • Dislike brushing their teeth,
  • Refuse new foods,
  • Have difficulty chewing, and
  • Prefer pureed foods.

    10 Signs your child may have Sensory Processing Disorder Oral Hypersensitive (Gustatory)


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