Why Does My Older Child Chew? It's NOT Teething!

By Laura May, Owner of Munchables Sensory Solutions Ltd.

Contributing Author OT Katie Yoon, MS, OTR/L

Talking to your child can sometimes answer many of the questions surrounding their chewing habit. In addition to creating a non-judgmental dialogue, observe your child. Do they chew only while doing homework? Primarily in the evening? Usually on hard objects? Knowing the answer to these questions can help understand the behavior and inform your conversation with a specialist, if needed.

Want to provide your child with oral sensory input in a variety of ways? You can try

Why Does My Older Child Chew? It's NOT Teething!
  • Blowing bubbles,
  • Drinking through a straw,
  • Eating crunchy snacks,
  • Brushing teeth with an electric toothbrush,
  • Humming & singing,
  • Chewing gum
  • And of course, using Munchables chewable jewelry.

The most important thing you can do for your child is to remove any shame and stigma from their behavior. They are helping themselves in the most effective way they know how.

Change "Don't Chew That" to "Chew this" with Munchables Chewelry.

Munchables is owned by a Canadian husband-wife team with two sensory children of their own. We understand how important it is for kids to have stylish, discreet chewies. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.

Disclaimer: If you are concerned about your child’s chewing behavior, contact your healthcare provider for more information. Some excellent resources on SPD can be found at “Sensory Processing Disorder Parent Support”.

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OT Katie Yoon Loves her Coil Bracelets!

Occupational Therapist Katie Yoon uses her coil bracelets 3 ways:

1. Keeps her focused during long Zoom meetings,

2. Ties her hair back during therapy sessions, and

3. Offers it to students for exploration during therapy.

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Season's Greetings!

✨ From my family to yours, I want to extend our warmest wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. ✨
Christmas Greeting from the Munchables Family 2020
 - “Christmas is like candy; it slowly melts in your mouth sweetening every taste bud, making you wish it could last forever.” – Richelle Goodrich
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Discontinuing all Baby Teething Items

Munchables will be discontinuing the sale of all teething necklaces, pacifiers and teething mitts effective December 31, 2020. I have decided to make this move so that I can focus exclusively on my passion - sensory chews.

Please visit for deeply discounted pacifier clips ($5.99), teething necklaces (from $9.99) and teething mitts ($5.99). Very limited quantities.

Free shipping. 

Baby Munchables are only available for shipment within Canada.

Huge sale on baby teethers
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Looking for Stocking Stuffers?

Checkout Munchables Sensory Fidget Toys for fun, useful Christmas stocking stuffers. Prices start at $2.99.

Assortment of Munchables Fidget Toys

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More Munchables Exclusive Designs Released!

Looking for a discreet chew? Two new Exclusive Munchables Designs have just landed! These two styles are ideal for teens or adults looking for a stylish chew necklace.

Munchables Triangle Chew Necklace for Adults and Teens  Munchables Rectangle Chew Necklace for Adults and Teens

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Munchables Sensory Fidget Toy Spotlight

Are your kids fidgeting while doing schoolwork?
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15 Reasons to Choose Munchables!

15 Reasons to Choose Munchables:
  1. Recommended by the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists.
  2. Diverts chewing from fingers, clothing, hair, and other items.
  3. Recommended by OTs for children who tend to chew on items when seeking increased oral sensory input.
  4. Helps children to filter out excess stimuli in their environments and divert extra energy which can result in improved behavior and attention.
  5. Supports children with ADHD, anxiety, autism and sensory processing disorder.
    15 Reasons to Choose Munchables Sensory Chew Necklaces
  6. Created by a mom who believed it was possible to create stylish chewable jewelry.
  7. Made of 100% safe food-grade silicone.
  8. Provides a calming, organizing and focusing response which can improve self-regulation.
  9. Tested, approved and loved by children all over the world.
  10. Features a breakaway clasp for additional safety.
  11. Acts as a fun piece of jewelry that children can feel confident wearing.
  12. Prevents torn nails, shirts and pencils and helps to protect teeth.
  13. Offers styles for every type of chewer. Heavier chewers should try our chewy necklaces designed just for them. Our top two favorites are the Donut or Scribbles Pendant.
  14. Includes a money-back guarantee. Try our styles risk free.
  15. Designed by a mom who is committed to finding ways to help every child with their sensory needs.
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Unicorn Happiness

I wanted to share this gorgeous photo of Mia - a happy Munchables chewelry user. Just looking at this photo makes me smile! 

"decamilla_family_ @sensoryprocessingspdps she loves it. Still has it on 🤣💓🙌"

Check out Mia's unboxing video on Instagram!

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Keep Your Reviews Coming!

I love hearing your feedback and seeing your pictures!  It is so motivating to hear stories of how Munchables have helped your children.
If you'd like to share your images, please email me at or post to the Munchables Facebook page. I hope to hear from you!
"My son had one of these when he was in the second grade given to him by his teacher and he absolutely loved it and it helped immensely with his concentration and frustration while he was in school learning but then it ended up lost at the end of the year when he packed up all his school supplies, which made him pretty bummed out.
I just want to say the biggest thank you to the sellers of this product and others like it. Its made a huge difference in my sons life and I couldn't imagine him not using these especially while in school instead of fidgeting and not wanting to focus on the lessons being taught. 
My heart is so grateful for this company and from one mama to another set of parents I will be forever grateful you chose to make this into a business to help all parents with such amazing products. Thank you for all you do." - Alicia, Amazon Review August 2020
Munchables Sensory Chew Necklaces
 "Thank you so much! One very happy kiddo and two happy parents." - Emily, Munchables Website Review August 2020
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