Introducing Munchables Mega Packs

Can't decide what to try? Looking for a variety of chewable and non-chewable fidget toys? Save 50% off individually-priced products with these Mega Packs!

Mega Pack A    Mega Pack B

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Gold and Silver Leaves are now available

Munchables Leaf Pendants are great for not only moms to wear for their teething babies to chew on, but also for kids that chew. These stylish leaves are sure to get you loads of compliments.

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New Chew Pendants Have Just Arrived

I'm super excited to announce that these two adorable designs are now available. 


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Munchables Now Offers Non-Chewable Sensory Fidgets

I'm happy to announce that I've added a variety of non-chewable sensory fidgets to my offerings. Many kids like to fidget and these fun toys can occupy busy hands while reducing anxiety and increasing concentration. Checkout this brief video that describes the new products!


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Little Moo Nibblers Now Available

Munchables silicone teething Nibblers offer caregivers a convenient way to ensure chewing relief is always at hand. Simply snap the Nibbler to a piece of clothing or blanket. This Little Moo Nibbler comes in two colours - Pinks and Yellows. The perfect teether for any baby.


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Football Nibblers! Score!

This new Munchables teether is designed with little fingers in mind. The football is extremely light and the material easy for chubby fingers to bend and flex. Plus, this engaging toy won't fall on the ground; it can be snapped to baby's clothing, blanket or car seat!

The football is approximately 14cm by 8cm and perfect for little fingers to explore.Munchables Football Teether

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Hawaiian Fish Hook Pic

Joh'nell rocks this new Hawaiian Fish Hook Pendant. Thank you for sharing!

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Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists

I am please to announce that Munchable is now a proud Partner of the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists! Thank you CAOT! 

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Hawaiian Fish Hooks Have Landed!

These Hawaiian Fish Hooks are perfect for kids to chew on OR for dad's to let their babies chomp on! 

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Chewable Silicone Pencil Toppers

Does your child chew the tops of their pencils? Try out Munchables Pencil Toppers. These sensory aides are 100% food-grade silicone, easy to clean and come in 5 vibrant colours. 

Chewable Pencil Toppers

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