Dog Tags are Now Available in Navy!

Chewable Dog Tags are now available in black/grey and navy/grey. 

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Kacz' Kids Baby Store

I love seeing Munchables in store. Checkout this display from Kacz' Kids in Calgary! 

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Too Adorable not to Share!

Thank you to Becky M, Tanya S, Michelle E, Sandra F, Erin S, Kimberly P, Jen L, Tanya B for sharing a few recent shots of their Littles with their Munchables!

Pictured top left to bottom right: Oblong Rainbow Pacifier Clip, Owl Nibbler, Knotty Rainbow Necklace, Love Pendant, Girls' Pearls, Pink/Grey Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifier Clip, Pink Elephant Nibbler and Pink/Grey Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifier Clip



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Checkout these NEW Bangles!

I love the fun wave on my new Babykins Bangles

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CPSC Product Tracking Information

Munchables has been randomly inspected 4 times in the summer of 2017 by the CPSC and FDA and is cleared to proceed.

Product Production Date Latest Certification Date
Arrowhead  May-18 30-Nov-18
Beaded Bracelet (incl adjustable) Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Bear Paw Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Bella Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Beloved Heart May-18 30-Nov-18
Bird  Nov-17 30-Nov-18
Biscuit  Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Butterfly Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Caterpillars, Crazy Ball &Wiggles Jan-18 1-Apr-17
Chew Blockz Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Dino Skull Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Dino Tooth Nov-17 30-Nov-18
Dino  Sep-18 30-Nov-18
Dino - Grey May-18 30-Nov-18
Dog Tags Nov-18 7-Mar-19
Donut Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Dragon Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Fidget Toys - Stretchy Coils & Mesh Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Fidget Toys - Toolbox Jan-19 18-Aug-18
Fish Hooks Oct-17 30-Nov-18
Foxy Fox Pendants Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Leaf Pendant May-18 30-Nov-18
Lion Pendant Jan-18 30-Nov-18
Midnight Blues Necklace/Camo/Chibbs Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Owl  Nov-18 7-Mar-19
Owlet Jan-19 7-Mar-19
Pearl with Roses Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Pencil Toppers Apr-18 30-Nov-18
Pencil Topper Chewy Tubes Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Penguin Pendant Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Rainbow Necklace Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Robot Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Sharks Oct-17 30-Nov-18
Soccer Pendant Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Spider Nov-18 30-Nov-18
Starlight/Roses/Hearts/Sweetheart  Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Teen Cuff/ Teen Weave Jan-19 30-Nov-18
Unicorn Apr-19 7-Mar-19
Yummy Gummy/Tear Drop/Scribbles Apr-19 30-Nov-18
Zipper Pull Jan-19 30-Nov-18
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Chew Blockz

A new Munchables chewelry style has arrived! 

These durable Chew Blockz Pendants provide a safe alternative to chewing on collars, cuffs, fingers.


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New Product Sneak Peak

I can't resist sharing a photo of my newest product! My baby girl and I are loving the Owl Necklace for kids, which is the perfect length for baby wearing! These adorable pendants will be available next week.

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New Obsession

My 9-month old daughter is OBSESSED with her new Car Nibbler. I'll post a photo of her with it soon. Where she goes, it goes, so it shouldn't be hard to get a nice photo!! 

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Does My Child Have a Sensory Issue? By Pathways

"Studies estimate one in 20 children are affected by sensory issues and can experience struggles with coordination, balance, focus, play, self-expression, organization, and motor skills." From

Original Study:

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FAQ: How Long your Kids' Munchable will Last?

How long will my Kids’ Munchables last?

This question is almost impossible for me to answer as every child’s chewing is different. Mild chewers may never need to worry about replacing their Munchable, while more aggressive chewers may be able to destroy their items within hours.

Each Munchable is made out of the same 100%-safe silicone material; however, the style of each item will influence their durability. A piece that has thinner sections, such as the arms of the star on the Girls’ Starlight Necklace will not be as strong as the all-round thicker, round pendant style.

As a thirty-something adult, I am unable to rip the silicone on any item, but with extended chewing and the powerful jaws of a child that likes to chew, it can happen.

In summary, durability will depend on:

  1. Length of time chewed,
  2. Strength of childs’ jaw; and, the
  3. Style of item.

Please regularly inspect beads for signs of wear and discard the product immediately if damage is found.

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