Munchables Necklace Breakaway Clasp Tutorial

 A brief video demonstrating how Munchables breakaway clasps work. These clasps are found on all Munchables necklaces.

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Munchables Pacifier Clip Tutorial

A brief tutorial illustrating how Munchables clasps work on pacifier clips, baby nibblers and fidget toys.


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DIY Kits and Loose Beads Now Available!

Let your child's creative side shine! These kits enable your little one to design their own Munchables silicone chewable jewellery! 

Each kit makes 1, 2 or even 3 necklaces, depending on the style your child creates. Includes: round beads, star bead, 3 breakaway clasps and cord. 

In addition, you can supplement your kit or start from scratch with Munchables loose beads.

Find these innovative new products here!



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New Product: Baby Nibblers!

I'm happy to introduce a new product line designed just for babies. Baby Nibblers are designed be used by little mouths to relieve teething pain. Simply snap the clip baby's shirt or blanket and he/she can safely gnaw away! I highly recommend the heart for those little ones with back molars coming in; it is the perfect shape for getting those hard to reach back teeth. My son loves the train versions (pictured below).










You can find Baby Nibblers here

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Boys Camo Necklaces

I am really excited to announce that Munchables is now carrying more boys styles. One of the styles is Woodland Camo, which has been the default pattern issued to United States soldiers, Marines, airmen, and sailors from 1981, pictured at far left. Check out these great new styles here.


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Joint Giveaway with Petits Fours Pretties

Would you like to win one Munchables teething necklace AND one Petits Fours Pretties accessory?

Please visit the Munchables Facebook page for more details.

Contest Ends February 24, 2015. 



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Silicone Pearl Necklaces Now Available

Munchables has added silicone pearl necklaces! Check out these matching mama and daughter pearl necklaces.


The Mama's Pearls Necklace is 33" and the Girl's Pearl Necklace is 20" long.

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Munchables is now on Amazon

I am delighted to announce that Munchables can now be found on Amazon. It was a long journey getting professional photographs taken, which were required for Amazon listings, but I am delighted with the results. More photos are coming soon! 


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Glow-in-the-Dark Beads are Here!

he Glow-in-the-Dark Pacifier Clip allows baby to easily locate their favourite toy!

Here are the first three styles I have made:



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Heart Pendant Review

"Davin was immediately drawn to the beautiful color and wanted to grab and play. [...] Even when the necklace was not being worn, he wanted to play with it!"

Mommy by Nurture Blog, August 2014 


Full Review: 

Munchables Teething Jewelry Heart Pendant Review

August 15, 214


 I received this product in exchange for my honest review and opinion. All thoughts and opinions are that of my own and in no way have been influenced.

Munchables is a Mommy owned business that is based on the principal of fair pricing and quality items! The teething heart pendant necklace is exclusive to their brand and is not your typical teething necklace. It has flexibility and softness to reach those rabid molars that cause excruciating pain to your little ones!


Davin and Auntie Pam tested this beautiful aqua color pendant out! Auntie Pam loved that the clasp is easy to use and would not tangle in her hair. A side note: Munchables stands behind their product. If you need the clasp replaced, it is free in the first year of purchase, just contact them! Kids can be rough and they want you to be satisfied! Davin was immediately drawn to the beautiful color and wanted to grab and play. He was very surprised when he could wrap his fingers around it and it would bend.

He got a joy out of tugging on it but also seemed to like how soft it felt on his gums. He just had his two four teeth bust through and is still in pain some days. Even when the necklace was not being worn, he wanted to play with it! Only under constant supervision would I ever suggest that! Remember, there is a necklace with choking hazard to it! 


Their items come in a variety of colors and they not only carry necklaces but also bracelets, a kids line, and a cute fidjget toy. The products are all top rack dishwasher safe, baby safe food silicone, non-toxic (BPA free), and exceeds US safety standards! Chewing items are not only used for teething kids now, they are used to help all ages of children with sensory development. 

“Do you have a child that likes to chew? Munchables kids products are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorders (SPD), autism, ADHD and other special needs. These durable sensory tools are made from BPA-free, baby-safe silicone. This accessory features a pacifier clip that can be attached to your child’s clothing”

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